Wednesday, November 10, 2010

16 and Pregnant Rant

So I watch the show... its somewhat addicting.

I'm sure it wasn't a new episode, it was on at like 5:30 tonight, and I think the new ones are later... anyway, I digress.

Now, before anyone yells at me.... I am married to an AMAZING man... who was a really shitty teen Dad.  His daughter was born his senior year, he left for basic training 3 months later, and after that saw her once a year when he came back for Chirstmas.  He always paid child support, but he wasn't 'present' in her life.  Even her Mom has said how much he stepped up once I came into his life (she was 5).  She often tells their daughter that she needs to 'thank me forever, because without me, she wouldn't have her dad.'.  I'm not saying people can't change, because I've seen it happen before my own eyes.


Your baby daddy is not even 16.  He got kicked out of school at 13, so that means that he has what, an 8th grade education.  He doesn't live with his parents, they kicked him out.  But you think he'll be able to provide for you and your child, and you can buy a house in the next few years. 


Ok- Rant over.


  1. I also love the show.
    I actually feel like it's a good light on the REALNESS of teen pregnancy (not glamorized).
    BUT each and every week I can't believe these young moms and who they believe these men to be. They are wide eyed and naive (as we all are at that age) but it's so sad knowing that life has hit them hard and now it's a harder road than it would have been had they chosen otherwise.
    Now Tyler & Catelynn (now on Teen Mom who infamously gave up their daughter against the families wishes)...I just LOVE them. They are truly amazing individuals and the most selfless teens I've ever even seen or heard about.

  2. I also get so annyed watching this, but still i cant help myself!