Wednesday, December 30, 2009


My step daughter got this game for Christmas, and we played it for the first time tonight...

We all had fun.

Except my husband.

Seems that Daddy is a poor sport when his wife and 10 year old daugher are whoppin' him at the game!

If you haven't heard of it, this is what the box is.  There are a few different ways to play, but the goal of the game is to collect cards.  One way to collect cards is by finding the picture of what is on that card.  You have 9 'boards' that you arrange out, and you have to search for one of the drawings....

You laugh- but it's harder then you think!

Also- Today I went in for a scan, and blood work.  Dr. S said that if it came back with 'normal ' (aka: NON pregnant) levels, then we could start this cycle tonight with injections of Bravelle. 

I shot up a few minuets ago.

For the first time, un-prompted, my husband said that he was about done.  He said it was making him sad.  (I know huge emotional breakthrough going on here.... he didn't expound.... just that he was sad.).  He said he can only do one more.  For a moment I panicked, thinking that he was going back on what we had decided, at least the two more cycles before he leaves.... this had to work this time... or it was over.  After talking to him a bit more, he meant one more pregnancy, or these two cycles, whatever comes first.  Then he goes to training, and we will see where we are at in April.

Now that I think about it... what a turn of events.  A year ago (almost exactly), I was crying in our kitchen (in our old house) saying that he didn't give a damn about what I felt, and if he did, he wouldn't be pushing me to take advantage of the testing my doctors wanted to do.  Here we are, with rolls almost reversed, now that we know what is going on, I'm not sure I'm ready to give up.

However, more important to me then having a child is my husband, and I completely understand and respect his decision.  I would rather be madly in love with him, just the two of us, then have a child that destroyed our marriage. 

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  1. First, sounds like you had fun. What a great game!

    I admire your honest look at your emotions (and DH's). It sounds like the two of you have really come together with things and that it's made your marriage stronger, which is a good thing.

    How is your doc going to treat your MTHFR and the Protein C issue?