Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cool Runnings!

*Bonus Points* to whoever got the quote. That movie is one of my childhood favorites. My little brother and I watched it SOOOO many times! If I EVER see it on dvd, it will be mine! Trav has never seen it, so he doesn't understand why I giggle every time it's freezing out, and I say it (like last night...)!

To answer a question that I got (but didn't have an e-mail to write back-sorry!), I started the Lovonox on Thursday, so yes, after I O'd but, I didn't have to do those sucky pee sticks, and wonder, is this line darker then the one yesterday????  I get monitored by ultrasound at least 2-3 times during the fsh injections, so they know where I'm at, and when I'm ready to trigger ....
*Monday night- Trigger
*Wednesday morning - "date" night... or really morning (we're doing this cycle naturally, because getting pregnant doesn't seem to be the problem... )
*Thursday night start the progesterone pills (how fun) and Lovonox shots.

My first one bruised literally less then a pencil eraser width around the injection site.  I thought that was a good sign!  However, my second one, holy hell, it's not pretty!  Hopefully that's going to be the exception, not the rule, but I guess only time will tell.  I took my third one tonight, and nothing yet, but the other bruise didn't show up 'till after lunch the next day so I'll update you tomorrow!


  1. I got the bonus points, I got the bonus! I am sold...G will get a recliner/rocker! Thanks for the awesome advice, G is going to love you for that!

  2. lmao at u jen it was me Tanya who put cool runnings!