Thursday, December 3, 2009


So tonight was my first night of injections... so far so good.  It burned, but what can I expect really now!  I don't have any sign of bruising yet, and hopefully it stays that way!

I'm truly exhausted.  I finally got all the Thanksgiving stuff packed away in my 'holiday' tubs, and cleaned the house, mostly....

I also feel somewhat torn.  I just found out that a friend of mine will be loosing her baby.  The doctor expects her to start miscarrying sometime this week.  How do I comfort her now that she's part of 'this club' of loss.  I sent her a message, and I know that right now, she probably can't see past grief, but hopefully someday she will see the words of understanding.  Though I've lived through it more times then I wish, I still don't know what to say to help. 

What can you say?


  1. I would tell her that your heart aches for her and that you know how much she is hurting. Let her know the pain will fade a little but her heart will always ache. let her know you care, that you are praying for her and that you are sorry. I don't know...those messages always made me feel better. Oh, and tell her you have two shoulders if she needs one to cry on.

    Good luck with this cycle! I'm sorry the shot burned...oh, the price of motherhood!

  2. What IS there to say? It's such a delicate situation and everybody reacys differently. Ugh. So awful. SO sorry for your friend.

    On a happier note, glad you injections went well!

  3. I don't think there is anything to say that will help. The best thing is to just love her and let her know you care.

    So sorry about your friend. IF just sucks doesn't it!

  4. I think the tricks that I told you about with the Lovenox work well, but I also know that it's just about whether you hit a vein or not. I'm kinda thinking that's inevitable, every now and then.

    I still don't know what to say either, when someone is going through a loss. I kinda know what NOT to say though, and I guess that helps. It's just such a horrific thing to endure. I got choked up yesterday at the OB appointment, just explaining that I'd had three losses.

  5. Good luck with the injections! I hope the bruising stays away :D

    I don't think anything anyone can say can heal the hurt. Just let her know you're there for her when/if she's ready to talk.

  6. I would just tell your friend that you understand, love her and are here if she needs you. She may find comfort in knowing that and turn to you.

    I looked for this but couldn't find it...I hope you don't mind my asking about your Lovenox. Are you taking it after you O every cycle?