Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dresser- Done

I love when my Mom comes to town, because a BUNCH of projects that I've been putting off seem to get done.

My step daughter is getting a 'room-re do' for Christmas.  In August we got her a bunch of the bedding and such that is always out for the college kids.  She got new curtains, an end table, sheets, rug, comforter, etc.  Her mom and step dad got her a new bed (black sleigh bed), and it was my task to 'refinish' her dresser.  It's a good piece of furniture but had been a bit beat up over the years (I think it was her mom's).  Her whole room is going to be black, purple and pink.  I had sanded it a few weeks ago, but had been putting off painting it. 

It has been SOOO cold here, and so
a) we didn't want to paint in in the freezing garage
b) we weren't completely sure the paint would paint good in the freezing garage

So, we made the kitchen our new work space (thank goodness for heavy duty plastic drop cloths!)  We had spray painted the sides of the drawers and insides, just so there wouldn't be a stark contrast of the black on the outside, and then then light brown sides. 

The finished product!  Now, to just find the right paper to line it, and it will be done!


  1. I LOVE the dresser! I can't wait to see the finish product...her room is going to be so cute!

  2. That turned out so nicely! Good job. :)

  3. That dresser looks amazing!! Love it!