Sunday, December 20, 2009

15 percent

I'm hoping that I'm in that 15 %.  Because only 85% of women have betas that double ever 48 hours.  If I'm not in that 15%, there are only a few other options... that I see at least

1st Beta- 25
2nd Beta-46
3rd Beta-46

Option A:
It's a tubal pregnancy.  No best case, worst case, just bad and worse.  Bad is that I'll loose the pregnancy, worse is that I might loose a tube along with it.

Option B:
We had a twin pregnancy.  This was a 'twin month', and maybe the betas were split, and then one stopped growing.
1st beta: 13 baby a, 12 baby b
2nd beta: 23 baby a, 23 baby b
3rd beta: 46 baby a, baby b 'gone'

My doctor told me to continue all my meds, so I have been, and I didn't drink champagne on my anniversary (though I did enjoy the 'never frozen' halibut, and Trav's duck).  I go back in on Tuesday to get my new levels... I'm not sure what else will go on at that appointment.

I hate to be bitter, and I really am not horribly right now (surprisingly), but I would like to know... yes this is a viable pregnancy still, or no, we just need to wait for your body to miscarry.  I hate this in between stuff.

And, we are going out of town for Christmas, where the only 'hospital' is what is on the Army Post, which I could go to since I'm a dependent, but who wants to do that.... 

Merry Freaking Christmas


  1. but it ALMOST doubled -- besides, unless you tested at the EXACT SAME TIME , there is room for variation. and the number didn't go DOWN or anything.

    stay off of google. please.

    and keep us posted.

  2. Oh Jenn. My heart goes out to you. I hope with all of my hope that this turns out well. I know the waiting and the limbo is so hard.

    You're in my prayers.

  3. J - I'm hoping that you are surviving the waiting time. I'm pulling for you with every ounce of hope that I have.

  4. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. I know how difficult the "not knowing" is.

  5. I am so sorry you are enduring beta hell right now. I am hoping and praying that everything is okay and you get good news. You are in my thoughts.

  6. :( This is such a hard place to be in (beta hell). I hope it's the vanishing twin option.

  7. I'm sorry you are in beta hell (and for all of your previous losses). Crossing everything for good news.


  8. I'm sorry. I never doubled in 48 hours... I was more a 3 day person. Sometimes 4. I know that isnt comforting but I just wanted to send some love your way. From LFCA...

  9. What a time for a "former" (hubby is a civilian again) Navy wife, and an infertility and miscarriage survivor I have great sympathy for EVERYTHING you are going through. I wish you a Christmas Miracle.

  10. I am sorry you are experiencing this and during the holidays of all times. I hope the confusion comes to an end one way or another...preferably a good outcome. Peace to you in this difficult time in any case.