Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's just another Manic Sunday

What a completely crazy day this has been.  Started with Church, then packing to send my husband away for the rest of the week, then a birthday party, and walmart and ended in bliss of a Hardees (Carl's Junior for you Western folks) mushroom thick burger, present wrapping and Brothers & Sisters *double bonus because it was a wedding episode...almost* !

This is what my living room looks like after I wrapped the presents I got today, and this is how it will probably remain, at least as long as my OCD husband is out of town!
And yes, the dog's were about as 'in the way' while I was wrapping the presents, as they were when I was trying to take the picture.

And now for pictures of my incredibly un-sexy stomach.... especially because now it's got the lovely bruises from my Lovonox shots.  The two on my right side are from Thursday (my first day) and Saturday, and the big bruise is from Friday.  I can tell tonight's is probably going to be a doozie because it's already started to bruise.  However, my whole body could be covered in bruises and I wouldn't care if it can help me carry to term! 


  1. Owww those bruises look painful! Poor you! I am sorry you have to endure that, but I really hope they help you get/stay pregnant.

    I never knew Carl's Jr was Hardee's ... lol, I am slow apparently!!

  2. I've found that the bruising is easier when I insert slowly at a 90 degree angle and push in very slowly. Maybe that might help?? Lovenox sucks but its worth what we want :)

  3. Holy crap, Jenn! Those bruises are awful! I'm so sorry :( Hopefully it'll all be worth it in just a week :) Good luck with the second half of your 2ww!!

  4. I start lovenox today - any tips? Do you ice the site before injection? I am praying I have a good 34 to 35 weeks of these shots, but I'm also a little scared of that too.