Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Drizzley Snow

Really, can snow drizzle?  I know it can fall, it can swirl, it can pile, and it can be thrown, but does it drizzle.  Mr. Weatherman thinks so... but I think he's just scared to call it sleet, because EVERYONE flips out when they hear it. 

Well, I guess good for me, Trav is still out of town, and so I can take his big 'manley man' truck to work if I need to.  Which I hate, because I'm so short, I don't really 'fit' in it.

****Also, tomorrow I'm participating in the great Pross Collinate of 2009, so I won't be writing here, I'll be at another blog in ALI community, and she'll be here!  Try and find me, and I hope you enjoy my 'pollinator'!

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