Monday, February 1, 2010


3rd Beta just came in... 271!!! YEA!  And, *holy cow* first ultrasound this Friday!  Is this really happening?!!?

The best part about being pregnant (besides actually being pregnant)... I didn't have to help shovel snow!   Its actually a task I enjoy, or I have learned to, because I usually am the one shoveling.   This past weekend though, I got to sit inside by the 'fake' fire and watch TV, while he was out shoveling!

Last night, my heating pad broke... I don't know what happened, it just stopped warming up.  The light on the dial came on, but no heat.  My feet freeze, all.the.time. so I have it on every night before I go to bed to warm up around my feet.  I realized that it didn't work about 9pm, and there was no way that Travis was going to leave to go buy me another one.  I pulled out all the stops... but he didn't quite see the correlation between cold feet hindering me 'growing a baby'  (which was my excuse to go take a nap yesterday!). 

I also have been feeling twinges.  I know that of course I'm 'Super Aware' of everything going on down there, but I definitely feel twinges. They aren't painful, and never last for more then a second or so. Definitely not cramps. My last two (most recent) pregnancies, I don't remember this at all, which I'm thinking is a good sign because they both ended in m/c. In my mind I'm thinking its my body just getting ready to grow a baby, but not sure.  I'm waiting on my third beta result, so when the nurse calls, I will ask her what she thinks, mostly just to my my mind at rest.


  1. No snow shoveling...that's an AWESOME benefit! Hopefully I get knocked up in time to take advantage of it.

    Can't wait to hear how the third beta goes!

  2. I get twinges, and also pray that they are good signs. Praying for peace and patience as you wait on the result of the third beta!

  3. Twinges are good! SO excited for you!!!

  4. oh, sweet girl, i am so excited for you.

    the twinges are normal and good (although they scared the crap out of me the first time around, prompting a frantic google search and a freaked-out call to the advice nurse at kaiser...)

    your embryo is burrowing down deep, and your uterus is a little freaked out by the changes. remember, a little spotting around now is normal -- and a little blood in a few weeks is generally ok, too. (happened to me with both little buggers -- although (again) it scared the crap out of me)

    :) :) :) i love your pregnancy ticker thingy

  5. I'm very happy for you. I won't say "congrats" just yet. I'm hoping and praying that you have a sticky pumpkin in there. Your betas are doing great things so far! I was wondering and starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together from your last posts. Yay for a little pumpkin!

  6. Fantastic news...congratulations & prayers continuing for you:)

  7. YAYYYYY :))))))))))))

    Eagerly awaiting your ultrasound!!!!!!

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  9. yay! great news!! love that beta!!

  10. Enjoy every break you can! Congratulations on the awesome betas!

  11. Yay!!! What a beautiful beta! *huge hugs*

  12. I have been away for a couple of days, so i missed this, but this is SO AWESOME!! I couldn't be happier for you!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that this pregnancy sticks!!