Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Award, and less then 24 hours

Less then 24 hours until I know if I still have a healthy pumpkin inside of me.  Less then 24 hours until we might get to see a flicker of a heart beat (that's a big might... I'll be 5w2d, so maybe, just maybe a flicker of one).  Less then 24 hours until I can take a quick breath of relief before I start holding it until my next u/s.  Or less then 24 hours until my world is shattered....

I'm a bit behind... like almost a week but Mia, over at Salvageable gave me this one.  Thanks so much!

•Thank the person who nominated me and copy the award in my blog.  Done!

•Link to the person who nominated me.  Done!

•Share seven interesting things about myself... keep reading

•Nominate seven fellow bloggers and link to their blogs, this one is so hard to do!

Hmm..7 interesting facts about me? I'm not sure you'll think its interesting, but here it goes!

1.I'm adopted, though if you've read me for a while you know this.

2. I met and married my husband quick... really quick... we said "I Do" 7 months to-the-day after we met... blame it on the military, but I'd never change it!
3.We got married in my parents back yard, in the middle of winter!  We had a tent with sides put up, an snugged right up against the house back porch (and a huge heater).  I loved being married where I grew up.  If they ever move, the new owners have to promise that I'm allowed to come back to visit, and show our kids where we started our crazy life!
4.  I like my dogs more then most people.... and little dogs scare me!

5.  I hate, hate, hate hardwood floors... when we build our 'forever house' (after he get's out of the military) it will not have any hardwood floors... anywhere!

6.  I am bubble bath queen.  I love them, and take at least one a week.... hot hot ones, but as for now those have been put on hold (until hopefully October!), at least hot hot ones!  That is a factoring decision when we buy our houses (again military... we've bought a few!), what is the tub like in the Master Bathroom.
7.  I have the most amazing little brother.  He's kinda quirky, and we've had some fights (literally, broken nose fights...) but I would do anything for him, any time.... even if he had dreadlocks... (and hes a whiteboy!  he's way cuter with his curls!).  However, if he has children before me, I might just kick his ass!  (hes 19...)


  1. :) enjoy tomorrow -- although, i don't think the heart actually starts beating until close to six weeks... still, knowing that there is a yolk sack and a fetal pole will be totally cool :)

    p.s. when i had my first appointment while pregnant with m, i was only six weeks, two days along, and there was no heartbeat and only a very fuzzy fetal pole...

  2. I agree with Crazy Baby Mama, that you might just see a sac and a fetal pole. But it's still exciting, and I hope with all of my heart that you see a heartbeat very soon.

    I remember agonzing on whether to get a 5wk u/s and then just making myself wait until 6w4d so that I'd know for sure. I hated the wait!


  3. Lots of luck tomorrow girlie! I'll be thinking of you!