Sunday, February 21, 2010


That is how the stress is divided up in our household (at least on my part).

80% is due to my hellish step-daughter, and her idiot mom (I'll dedicate a venting post on this soon....)

10% is the natural stress of 'baby making', except ours delt with fertility issues.  I'm hoping that this amount goes down soon, since we are technically 'done' trying, and just waiting to save money for adoption.

10% is the normal marriage bull shit that every couple has (who's cooking, when is laundry going to be done, you know that crap).

Ugh.  I'm very frustrated, can you tell!  Hopefully one will drop out of the equation, except the one that I really want gone isn't going anywhere....


  1. That sucks :( When you need to talk about it in more detail- we're here to listen. *hugs*

  2. Yuck. I am sorry things are so frustrating right now. Vent away. Like K said above, we're here to listen. Hang in there ...

  3. Hi, Im new here. I vent about my exhusband (my son's bio-dad) all the time, it always helps to write about it. Im curious to know what your step daughter is doing to cause you grief. Maybe if you write about it you can get some usable advice to help. Hope your feeling better soon. :)