Saturday, February 13, 2010


So... we are kinda going off baby budget.... and considering upgrading our furniture.  The only reason is that we have the cash (tax refund) to pay for it right now... if we don't buy it, the money will go to pay extra on my husbands truck.  That being said- here are our thoughts

We want leather, hello, with three dogs the hair is crazy, we could vacuum the furniture every day, and we would never get it all off.  It would be so nice to be able to 'dust' it off if needed.  Also, it won't hold the stinky dog smell.  Granted, our dogs are technically not allowed on the furniture, but when you house over 300 lbs of dogs- the fabric does suck up some of that smell.

We want two couches.  Really, is a love seat useful?  I guess we are blessed that we have a living room that would accommodate 2 couches.   One will have recliners, one will have a sofa sleeper (because EVENTUALLY there will be a baby in our 4th bedroom...).  Do you know how hard it is to find a model of couch that you can order two ways.... its not easy.  The sofa sleeper is also only $30.00 more then the recliner, so we figure the first time we use it, it will pay for itself.

We want them now.  The furniture we have is the stuff I bought in college.  Granted, it was nice (almost $3,000 for the 3 pieces) but it's almost 8 years old, and the cushions are a bit sad, and a psyco dog got ahold *through her cage* of the front chaise lounge, which is disguised by a pretty throw now.  We have been talking about furniture for a while (almost two years), and I'm sure this will last us a bit longer, I'm just so over it.

Is it horrible to not use that money to pay down debt (his truck), because the quicker that it is payed down, the quicker we can start the adoption process....

Now that I've rambled about the internal struggle we have had today..... here is what we are thinking about.
(times two)  They look the exact same.

Has anyone bought any type of Ashley Furniture.  How is the overall quality?

Thanks blogging friends!


  1. I have Ashley's furniture and I love them! I highly reccomend the warranty...we had a sectional that kept ripping at the seams (our dog helped this...but ssshhh we didn't tell them) and finally after 3 times, they replaced the entire thing for us! We finally got leather couches like yours but in a deep red-we love it!

  2. I think as long as your debt is manageable, go for the furniture. That's something that will last and hold up through not only dogs but children. There's only so much Febreze and throws can do to help rescue old furniture.

    I don't know anything about Ashley, so no help there. My concern would be to make sure that the leather/finish is sturdy enough to stand up to the occasional (accidental) swipe of a claw or two.

  3. I agree with the last commenter ... if your debt is under control then go ahead and get the furniture. It is something you will enjoy and appreciate everyday.

  4. Now that's a couch! And I agree about the dogs and the vacuuming. If I stayed on top of it like I should, I'd be vacuuming our couch, big chair, and ottoman every day.

  5. If you buy leather the dogs could possibly tear or poke a hole in the leather...

  6. Sweet couches! I loved our leather couch in that the dog hair just brushed right off. :) Either way you decide to spend it, you'll have a lot of value in the couch or the truck paydown. :)

  7. hey jenn i would highly recommend Ashley or Lane either or is a good bet on the warrentys and such..

  8. New furniture is super fun! What a great distraction. And I totally understand about the dog hair on the furniture...we have micro suede couches now and they are covered in tiny dog hairs! Pain!
    (I don't think I've commented before but I always read your blog!!)