Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the furniture post... we ended up deciding not to get it right now, because we would have had to change the layout of our living room (which my husband was 100% against- there would be a glare on the tv).  We then looked to just get a love seat (not my favorite idea) so we could keep it the same layout as we have now.  The problem came in, the set we LOVED had a dumb love seat (double reclining +, unremovable console in the middle MAJOR --).  We found another sat that was ok... but meh... and it was like $500.00 more.  We decided we weren't going to spend even more for a set we liked less.  We will eventually get new stuff, but for now, we will just Fabreeze the shit out of it (again) and deal!  It really isn't that bad, I just complain!

We are going to family counseling with my step-daughter and her mother.  Now that we live so close, there has been major behavioral issues.  She's basically an angel at our house, and a holy terror at her moms...  so we're all trying to work through it.

That being said, she has caused 90% of the current stress in our marriage (the other 10% is either his job or fertility crap).  I decided to go into the counselor by my self to vent, bitch, get guidance, and find 'my place' in all this.  She asked me if my life was how I planned it.  I laughed out loud.  Ummm... No.  Not exactly.

I think I kinda hurt my husband's feelings when that night I asked him "Do you ever feel like there is nothing in your life the way you want it to be, besides the fact of being married to you?"   I dropped it, because I know I hurt him, but honestly, that is how I feel more often then not.

So, on to my next big decision.... what kind of birth control to go on.  We met with Dr. S today.  Trav is leaving town next week for some Air Force training.  He needs it to get his next rank.  I really wanted to spent that time trying to detox my body from all the hormones.  After that we knew we needed to do something.  Dr. S was 100% supportive of our decision to either do an IUD or Nuva Ring.  We mentioned the range of ideas we had discussed before the appointment.  With as many 'parents' as we have (his parents are divorced and we are close to both sets, and I'm adopted, but have a great relationship with my birth mom, so there are two sets on my side too) you can imagine that the advice was broad!  Our parents opinions ranged from getting our tubes tied to doing nothing at all and let nature take its course.    We didn't like either of those options (and neither did Dr. S).  So, while Trav is gone, I need to decide.... either Nuva Ring (what I was on for a couple of years before we began TTC) or an IUD.....

I hate that this is a decision I have to make.  I want to have to be deciding what new maternity top to buy.  Damn you infertility!


  1. Hey Jen, are you sure you can go on birth control? My OB told me due to my diagnosis with clotting issues (which I think you ahve too?) that I could not safely get on birth controls because i'm at increased risk of clotting? Just got worried when I saw you writing about that.

  2. Ah Jenn, I wish you were having to decide on maternity tops as well. It's not fair!