Monday, February 22, 2010


I have a virus, a really bad one... And not one that can be made better with DayQuil! Damn.

Trav and I had a rough weekend (dealing with him leaving, and how to deal with his daughter while he's gone). There were several other things going on, and I was happy to put this weekend to bed...
And then I got this damn virus. Its called XP Antivirus 2010. Holy Shit! Its been very frustrating, and after talking to Trav's Dad (who is close to actually being a computer god) had me do a few things and then declared 'Basterds!'. All my program files have been corrupted, so all I can't even go back and do a system restore...
He told me to transfer all my files to our external hard drive... NOW! While it is still working. I think I might be a photography whore (I'm not great, just enjoy taking pictures). That is by far my biggest file, and I have 219 minutes remaining on the file transfer. Joy.
I was hoping that today would be a good start to the week, but not so much! I downloaded more antivirus programs then I care to admit (and paid for), spent most of my day dealing with it 'scaning', and had to find research journal for a future assignent, and turn in another one. EXCEPT- the public library only let's you use the computer for 2 hours a day!! Augh! Class was long, and I just wanted to come home and drink with my girlfriend (better then coming home to an empty house and moping). Her schedule got switched, so it didn't work out.
I'm exhausted... And it's 12:31, and I'm waiting on my picture files to transfer...
This post has been filled with bitcheyness and mopeyness... but, there is a ray of light and joy in my life...
Jenicini got her first (ever) positive test this past weekend after doing a DE IVF. I'm so happy for her and her husband. I would link to her, but doing this on my blackberry, so, look her up, Trying to get knocked up by another man.

I love that my FIL can fix this, and that he only lives about 100 miles away, so I'm making the treck tomorrow,

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  1. Thanks Jenn! :) That sucks about the virus, but I'm glad I get to see you!