Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baxter's Story

We adopted Baxter, 'the baby' of the family in November of 2007.  He was one of three littermates that survived long enough to be adopted.  His Mom and three other siblings were to sick to keep fighting.  My husband and I had NO intention of getting another dog.  AT. ALL. PERIOD.  We had two (rather large) dogs, and they were girls, and we were happy.  We walked into Petco to get some more dog food, and he was in one of the first gated areas.  I fell in love.  And that is saying a lot, because I'm NOT a fan of small dogs  or boy dogs (they also said he would be close to 80 lbs, so that made it a bit better.... hes really about 55 and teeny-tiny compared to the 'girls').  We walked through the store, and came back to him to play more, and walked some more... and so we filled out an application and they were willing to do a 'trial run' because of the girls, and they had been just the two of them for almost 2 years.... needless to say, he found his forever home with us!

Every time I see this I'm shocked at how tiny he REALLY was... so skinny!  The stairs in our house were very difficult for him to navigate... it was actually quite funny!
Meeting his "sisters" for the first time

"Dad" thought it would be nice for him to 'warm-up' my side of the bed before I got in it that night... he wasn't happy when he was kicked off the bed (if you don't know- we have a 'strict' no dog's on the furniture rule)

He is more commonly known on this blog (and in real life) as our Knucklehead (or even Shithead).   You can even say "Where's my knucklehead?" and see his tail going wild under the blanket when Travis is trying to 'hide' him on the couch. 

He was my 'Valentines Day' present in 2008... which is very, very funny, because I HATE Valentines Day. 

That WAS the cat's bed... she wouldn't sleep in it after he got his yucky dog scent on it!  His one true talent is finding the absolute SOFTEST place to lay and nap, on clean laundry, on the bed, sneaking out to the couch at night, anything.  If it's soft, he's found it

We have kept in close contact with the wonderful ladies (and guys) that run the group.  They are a no-kill rescue, and have amazing hearts!

When we still lived up there, we would visit them often, and give them updated on our little boy.  When we told one of the volunteers (a newer one- they didn't know us) that we were moving, and we would let them know our new address (it's in the contract so they can 'follow up' if necessary).  She was concerned we were moving so far away and went to get Kim, the president.  Kim came over and gave us a big hug, wished us well, and said "Any puppy parent that sends us Christmas card's with the puppies picture in it we aren't worried about!"  It made us laugh.

He has STOLEN our hearts (my husband's more then mine... "He's to cute to sleep on the floor").  I have a link at the top of my blog, if you click on it, you can vote for this great organization.  It doesn't cost anything, and you DON'T have to sign up/log in at all.  You literally just search their name, (bookmark it so you can do it every day :) ) press the "Vote Now" button and type in the animal you see (their version of a captcha) and you've done it.  You can vote once a day, so please, do!  Our little boy thanks you, as well as all the other Furry Kids that they help out all the time!
Our very happy, very spoiled 'Furry Kid'


  1. Oh! I LOVE the pooch pics. What a great story. Thanks for posting them! :)

  2. Aww he is so cute! I LOVE that last pic of him smiling. Thanks for sharing his adoption story. I voted!!

  3. So cute! Love doggie pics! :)

  4. What a sweet boy! Shelter dogs are the best aren't they?!?