Thursday, April 28, 2011

W- Wedding

Since there seems to be a lot of talk about another wedding coming up... I was thinking about my wedding.

I had always dreamed about getting married in my parents back yard.  They have a gorgeous yard, with treas, and a huge (like 14 foot tall) rock fountain.  Perfect for a spring or summer wedding.  Our wedding was just about perfect, just how I imagined.  The only difference from my dreams was that instead of being on a warm evening, with summertime blooms all around us, it was in the middle of December, in a heated tent.

Because of the training Travis would have to do for the Air Force, we didn't know when he was leaving, so we moved our original date in late spring to mid-December.  Looking back, it was good, because he was gone the original weekend we had picked out. 

Seven months to the day after I met him (we started dating a few weeks later), I married him.

I got to get ready in my parents master bedroom suite
(seriously huge- I never knew how lucky they were until I moved in our own houses!)

There was plates of biscochitos (the New Mexico state cookie) and my
Mom's hot cider for the guests to eat before the ceremony

We took our pictures in front of the fireplace in the
living room (the only picture of us with my bouquet). 

We signed our marriage certificate next to the pool table I grew up playing on.

After all the guests left, we opened presents in the formal dining room (the took the table out) surrounded by our family that had come in from the wedding (and obviously next to my parents Christmas tree!)

I would not have changed anything!  (well maybe more pictures with my bouquet!)

please tell me I'm not the only one who has watched the TLC 'Royal Wedding' shows, and the lifetime movie "Will and Kate" and is pissed because they have to work Friday morning.... I laugh at myself!  I figure one day I'll have a little girl ask if I remember when the King got married, and will be able to say yes!  Thank goodness for DVR!


  1. You were a beautiful bride!!!!!

  2. Wow, you were a gorgeous bride!!!!!!! You both look SO happy!!!

  3. New Mexico has a state cookie? Hmmm....

    I love your dress! I think at home weddings are so lovely. Our friends got married at home New Year's Eve and it was perfect.

    I've got the Royal wedding recording on two channels in case I don't wake up in time to watch.

  4. Found your blog today and love it! By the way, what a great wedding story - I wish my wedding was as personal/intimate. Unfortunately with 36 first cousins having it at my parents house wouldn't have worked :/