Thursday, April 21, 2011

P- Panda Express

I (again) asked Trav what I should do my "P" post about... he suggested picnics, and parties... but I do neither, so there wouldn't be much to write about.  Then he said procrastination, which was good, but I'll write about it later.

(are you laughing, because that was kinda a little joke...)

So I google imaged for a 'p' to start my post, and saw the above one with a panda.  And it hit me.

This might be the one single (non friend) thing I miss the most about where we used to live.

We moved to this town and were shocked at how crappy the Chinese food is.  Serioulsy, we have a list of the places we've been, and will NEVER go back to.  Ever.  There are a few we've done a couple times, but our 'favorite' (and I say that LOOSELY) we've still only gone to four or five times in two years.

It's seriously lacking... and it's killing us.  We love Chinese food.  It's our favorite.

Just to give you a 'real' idea.  This place we moved to (trying to keep some anonymity here...) has this thing called " 'town name' cashew chicken" 

It's popcorn chicken, with beef gravy and cashew's over it.

Friends that have lived here your whole life: New Flash- that ain't Chinese!

It kills me.

When we went to our adoption training, we had to drive about 3 hours to get to it, so we went up the night before, spent the night and went out to eat.  We went to a huge city... (like with an NBA, NFL and MLB team huge).  We could have had some serious fine dining... and where did we go... you got it! Panda Express!

Since I don't get to go very often (only when we are traveling) I've not been able to keep up with all the new dishes they've come out with recently, but this little number has graced my taste buds....

A- MAZ- ING!!!

So for now, I'm their friend on facebook, and I longingly gaze at the new dishes, and dream of a time when I can run down the street and get me a 'feed me for two meals' Panda Bowl.   

If any of you have one near you, go, have a meal for me, take a picture, send it, and let me enjoy the picture! :)


  1. I LOVE Panda Express too! My neice (5) and nephew (2) call it the "Silly Panda Restaurant." Have you tried Tasia?

  2. Wow. I have never been to Panda Express but my mouth is now watering and the next time I am in the U.S. I will definitely seek it out! But hey, look what I found for you - a youtube video with a recipe for honey walnut shrimp!!

    Let me know if you try it!


  3. Is there a chinese grocery store in town? Can you try making some stuff yourself?!

  4. I HEART Panda Express!! Tasia is the closest thing to it!

  5. Ha! That's like me with Dunkin Donuts. We are from the northeast but now live in a place with ZERO Dunkin Donuts. It kills me regularly. So glad you can get your occasional Panda Express fix.