Saturday, April 2, 2011

B- Baby Boy

B is for Baby... I want one... but don't have one... (yet)

So, for this year, my "B" will be for my "Baby Boy Baxter".

He is our puppy... well, we still call him our puppy, because he's the 'baby' of the fur kids, but in reality he'll be 4 this fall.

When we adopted him from the rescue, he was so tiny, and sick.  His mom and 3 litter mates died from being sick, but he and two others survived... barely.

He often sleeps in the most contorted positions....

Or anywhere soft....

Including our bed.... which is NOT allowed....

Prince and the Pea!

Tara, the Great Dane is his snuggle buddy.
He loves to 'work out'
Dad is his bed bud

He's an attention whore, wants to know when Dad will be done working.

He's always good for a smile....

And he's stolen our hearts!

My Baby Boy Baxter.

 (side note:  his tale is like a whip, and if you say his name or nick name (baby boy), he'll start 'thumping' away.  As we were getting ready for the baby to come home in December, I would often say the 'baby boy' can sleep in our bedroom, or tell Trav "Look what I want to get for the baby boy"... Poor Baxter, he thought we were talking about him, and every time we said it, he'd start thumping away!)


  1. I love him! My guy does the same thing with the computer. If he could, I think he'd throw it out the window.

    I think my favorite pic is him curled into the bed that's just a little too small for him. Adorable!

  2. Awww! He is adorable! I love the one of his head on your husband's neck. :)

  3. So cute! My baby girl is simply the best too!!! Loyal,cute, little suckers! :)

  4. What a sweet heart! Gotta love fur babies!

  5. I love dogs...yours looks like a special one. I thought you said you wanted children and didn't have any. I hope I'm wrong about that.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  6. My dogs are my kids too. Love it!

  7. He is so sweet!! I am sure he has gotten you through many of moments :)

  8. ADORABLE and yay for adopting a recuse dog! Any idea what bread he is?

  9. Ohmygosh, he's sooo sweet!

  10. I am totally a dog person. I love when people post about them. Your pictures are so cute.

  11. Oh the cuteness!!!!! I bet he and Marty would get into lots of trouble and fun together. : )