Thursday, April 7, 2011

F- F*@%

Ahhh the 'f word'.  It might be my favorite word.  I know it's bad, and unproper... and I should probably get out of the habit of saying it, but eh, its comfortable for me.


  1. The F word and I have a special relationship. I usually only say it when I'm by myself, probably driving, but at other times, too. Hubby hears it every once in a while during passionate "exchanges". :-) And if I'm watching sports it will probably fly out here and there. Embrace it, it's one of the words that really gets a point across.

  2. I'm with ya on that one. I know I sound like a trucker, but I just can't quite saying it. I do try to really play up my accent when I say it to take the sting out of it. :)

  3. I admit it... I drop the F bomb more frequently than I should...

  4. Everyone here seems to love to say it, but no one can bring themselves to write it! That's fucking funny! ;-)

  5. You must be an F-ing strong woman or God wouldn't let this keep happening to you. I just wrote a poem for a friend worried about another M happening to her.
    I'll pray for you.
    (I usually say "happy f day" but today f-it)

  6. And it's so versatile - appropriate for every occasion!! I'm a big fan, as well.