Sunday, April 3, 2011


Some of the extra crap in our house is G-O-N-E.  Well, maybe not completely yet, but definitely on the way to being gone.

 I have a 'craigslist pile', with most of it actually already on 'the list', with some still waiting to be photographed. (and we've already sold some things, our old motorcycle helmets and a floor lamp- $80.00 in a day!)

I have a 'donate' pile.  All of it is clothes, and I know that I could probably sell them, but eh.. somethings are worth the time, and some things aren't, so off to DAV they go!

I have a pile in the trash (thank goodness tomorrow is trash day!).  I guess since I was in a purging mood, it was a good thing.  I found a ton of makeup under the sink that I've literally had since high school/ college/ our wedding.  It all got tossed.  I also realized I will never need to buy lotion again.  Ever.  There were some other random things that I found too, like the 3 bottles of rubbing alcohol I found between the two sinks, and two bags of cotton balls... oh and soap, we won't need to buy hand soap for a while either!

I really need to get some projects done, but I'm almost to the point of being overwhelmed.  I guess getting stuff gone is the best first step.  I guess!


  1. I LOVE a good purge!!!! And the bottles...oh the endless bottles under the sink. Too funny! It always feels like you are moving forward!

    I just wanted to touch base and make sure that you don't think that I was upset that you posted about my blog. I totally wasn't...and was honoured. I'm going private because of a girl I ran into who is a total gossip queen. Somehow she knew about the blog. Eeek! So I wanted to make sure you knew that, because I love coming here and having you stop by when you can.

    I couldn't find your email, so sorry to post such a long comment. ;)

  2. i LOVE going through the house and ridding it of the excess and unnecessary :) I was went through my closet this weekend and just smiled !!!!