Monday, April 18, 2011

K- Kids

Unless you are a new reader, you know that this WHOLE blog has been our quest to have kids.  It started in May 2009.  Travis had just gotten done with his cross training to become a recruiter, and I was in the midst of my first cycle with the RE who did my lap surgery.  In the midst of trying to sell one house, pack, move, buy another, starting Trav's new assignment, I somehow mixed up the medicine.  I didn't know what any of the drugs meant, so it was all Greek to me.  I took the Provera (to start a period), when I should have taken the Femera (like Clomid).  Who knew. 

Looking back, my experience at that office was everything that I would never recommend.  My new doctor, Dr. S, is amazing, and everything that the old doctor wasn't.  I can't imagine going through that part of the quest with any one else at the wheel then Dr. S.

But our quest has changed over the past two years... we went from trying naturally, to full core fertility treatments (injections), to now doing 'nothing' ourselves, and waiting for our child to come to us through an adoption.

When I got married, I thought that we would have kids.  As in PLURAL.... lots of plural!  Have a few, adopt a few... enough for a basketball team.  Five years later, and the thought of each additional child coming with an initial cost of $20,000, I'm wondering how many kids we'll really end up with.  I sill hope for several (three?) but I'm not sure my husband shares that some thought!

He always responds to that question with "Let's worry about the first one"....


  1. I hear you on the wanting kids in the *plural* thing. I wanted (still want) that, too. It really sucks when the initial cost of children limits the number you can afford to have. (((Hugs)))

  2. I understand... I used to want a minimum of 4 kids! After 3.5 years of "trying" I'm not so sure about that number anymore. But who knows..It could still happen! Especially doing foster care. It's sad, but you wouldn't believe how many babies have come into the system recently. I'm excited to see where your adoption journey goes. I love adoption!! :)

  3. Jenn - That is so something my husband would say :)