Monday, April 4, 2011

C- Cake Batter and Coke

These are my two biggest addictions....
Cake Batter... any kind really, but funfetti is the best.  I always end up at least 3 cupcakes short because I've eaten so much.

My cake batter addiciton isn't limited to actual cake batter, but cake batter frozen yougurt, custard, or these yummy things I just discovered.... bliss!

For a long time, I was a 'dr.pepper girl'.... not anymore.  For the past few years, it's been all coke.
A coke with no ice please!


  1. I used to be a coke girl, but about 3 years ago I gave it up for Ruby Red Squirt. Now it's Monster. If I don't have at least one Monster I don't have a good day.

  2. Yummm Funfetti!!!

  3. Ohhhhh....sugar....have some for me, please!!!

  4. Yeah- we are way too much alike!! Funfetti is my FAVORITE!! I always have it for my bday- I actually have a box of it in the pantry but haven't been able to make it with us being on WW:(

  5. yum!!! anything ice cream for me!! I am going to do a post like this. I will show a picture of this ice cream called Artic..and the whole pint is 140 calories, not fat!1 it is wonderfulness!!!

  6. I love chocolate chip cookie dough!!

  7. I'm with you on both of those loves. & Funfetti is definitely the yummiest!!!

    And the coke has to be out of the can.