Monday, April 18, 2011

M- Mom

So, I did a rambling post about my Dad, here is one about my Mom.

To sum up my relationship:

Age 5: A friend to play dolls and beauty shop with
Age 10:  Someone who drove me to soccer practice
Age 14:  Someone who bought awesome snacks for my friends and I
Age 16:  The most unfair, meanest, horrible person.  Ever.  Worse then my Dad even.
Age 19:  Now that I don't have to live there, not so bad
Age 21:  Shoulder I cried on when I had to move out of town with my new husband, because I didn't want to leave her
Age 26:  Not only someone who loves me, but someone who understands my 'adoption' feelings, as an adoptive mother herself, and me becoming one soon.
Age 27:  (well, really the last 7 years or so).  My best friend.  Someone that I can cry with, and laugh so silly with both of our husbands are embarrassed. 

We have the same sense of humor
We have the same opinions (98% of the time)
We like the same clothes
We push each other to try on different things shopping
We love making my house a home (she's fun to decorate with!)
We like the same shows on TV and movies.
We both like country music and the rodeo.
We both have a 6'2'' college kid with dreadlocks that we adore.
We've both been married to someone in the service (I've beat them on length, my Dad was only in the Army for 3.5 years, but they beat us on time apart, because he was in Vietnam a year)
We both love pedicures and massages.
She's great at editing papers... for both me and my husband!
I love that she get's as excited about my projects as I do...
I love that my Dad has a droid x so I can text him photos of random things I want to show her (and I would LOVE it if she got something nicer then a circa 2004 flip phone...)
And I love that if I call him within an hour of sending a photo, he answers with "Hey Jenn, I showed your Mom, she liked it! How are you?"
We can't go more then a day without having a "mom withdrawal" or "jenn withdrawal"
We could talk three times a day and think nothing of it.
Because of that, I'm the one that uses 90% of our cellphone minuets, so we got Magic Jack, simply for my calls home.
I've had to force myself to remember to call my husband first, not her with good (or exciting news), but she's always second on the list.
We're best friends.
And I love that we have the same eyes... just like the lady at the store said...
because really, deep down, I know we don't, but I love it anyways.

How I don't have a photo of just us on my computer, I'm not sure... but here is a picture of a picture I have hanging in my hallway. It was of me when I was in college, I think my Dad was taking pictures with a new camera ( maybe?) 

I took both of these when they were here this past Fourth of July, The above one was with the Air Force race car, and then in our kitchen helping me make the grand 'barbeque feast' that we had.

PS- Ok, so I know we don't have the same genetics...but umm... Dear genetics god, since on paper and in her heart I'm her daughter... can you um, make me look this good when I'm her age (in 37 years) ! 


  1. That made me cry. I hope she gets to read it.

  2. I know your adopted, and that even in this post you said you were adopted, but I looked at the picture on the wall comparing your eyes anyway...duh. I think environment is way more important than genetics anyway, I bet you'll look just as fantastic in the future.

  3. Yes genetics are strong, but, everytime someone mentions a similarity between my dad (step/adoptive) and myself, I realize it is all about the love, not biology! I am glad you found one another :)

  4. You look totally alike! What a beautiful description of your relationship!