Friday, October 30, 2009


Holy cow!  Can I just say, once again, ONLY infertility would make someone happy ecstatic to find out.....



I am positive for two copies of MTHFR (which is a great abbreviation for what I say after I loose each baby... maybe it was a sign!)

I have 'very low' levels for protein C antigen (66)

I have asked my *almost-a-doctor* friend  what all this means, (if you are reading this 'C'.. You had better be looking something up in all your medical journals!) When I get her answer I will share that with you all.

Ok, so I'll be honest, I don't exactly know WHY these things are important, but the nurse said my doctor was happy to see something come up on the blood work.  He wants to 'see me soon so we can go over our next steps, and what course of treatment we will do".  He knows that we won't do IVF, so that must mean that he's got something in plan for us to tackle these things.

So, blogger friends, I need your help!  So far, Dr. Google has not been very helpful... what do these things mean????

I see Dr. S on Thursday of next week.... but thats soooooooooo farrrrrrrrrrrrr awayyyyyyyyyyyy

Do ANY of you know what this means.... or what possible treatments we can do to help it?

Thanks friends!!!


  1. Umm.... Congratulations! (Weird to say that)

    MTHFR is your issue. can't believe they didn't test you for that before. Two copies of it mean you have an almost 90% chance of miscarriage without treatment. I believe. It's a folic acid issue, your body doesn't absorb enoug... at least that's once of the issues. anyways hopefully now that they know they can fix it. *hugs* so glad it wasn't genetic.

    I'm so happy you have an answer. They are so so important.

  2. How weird is to be cheering?!?! Answers come so infrequently in the IF world, we actually cheer when we hear something that can be treated and understood! From what I read, it seems like a deficiency in protein C can be treated with heparin. Of course, take my word with a grain of salt!

  3. yay for clots!

    as far as i know, this can be very treatable during pregnancy, BUT you will be monitored super-closely.

    you may want to check out this blog:
    it's a heartbreaking blog about a family that lost one baby, and is now expecting another. i think the mama has the same condition you have (it wasn't diagnosed until very recently, and so her first child - who died tragically in april at 17 months - was born excessively early....)

  4. You're right! Only something going through all of this would see this as a good thing! I did tons of testing, and got NO answers as to why we miscarried three times. I'm doing blood thinners, lemme see... the doctor said something encouraging like, "it's what we do when we are desperate".

    I've seen a lot of blogs with people who have MTHFR, so I know it's pretty common. I'll your RE and/or a specialist will have some answers for you.

    Good luck!

  5. Glad it's something that can be helped with medicine. Do you watch the show Deliver Me? Last weeks episode featured 2 mothers who had a clotting disorder. Both had successful pregnancies with medicine. YEAH!!

  6. Have you checked out the Fertile Thoughts forum? Alot of the women on there have what you have, maybe they can offer some advice. It's just nice to finally have an explanation for all the miscarriages!

  7. Definitely positive to get an answer outside of "we have no idea" and for that answer to also have a known treatment.

    But yes, also strange to cheer for something like a clotting disorder.

  8. Oh wow, I totally missed this post! I'm so happy for you love!