Sunday, October 18, 2009

A note from a friend

I've been somewhat absent... party because I was sad, partly because I was out of town. My husband had a big 'retreat' that was this past weekend.  It was a combination of training and an award ceremony to celebrate all the accomplishments of the last year.

I started miscarrying on the way up there (is that what I should even call it... I was so early... but I was cramping like a mother F$&%#$, which only happens when I miscarry.... sucks that it's happened so often I know what it 'should' feel like!).  That was crappy. 

When I got up there, I got an e-mail from a bloggin' friend that said the following (she was responding to one I sent her about going out of town, and that next week we would be seeing the doctor to find out what's next):

In the mean time, get drunk, eat unpasteurized cheese, have sushi or medium rare steak, and sit in a hot tub.

Thanks S!  I did exactly what I was told... except the unpasteurized cheese.... there wasn't any in sight!

I drank (a lot) with the guys, I had a medium well done steak, I was in the hot tub daily, and last night, once we all got back home, we continued the celebrating (the guys did very well and as a group won 'Legend Status') at a Japanese Steak House where we all ate sushi!  We finished off the 'weekend of fun' at a country bar (the husband's let the wife's drink) that consisted of Bud Light and a mechanical bull!

If that's not living on the edge... I don't know what is!!! :)  So now that the 'weekend escape' is done, it's back to reality.  My step daughter has *minor* surgery on Wednesday, and we go see the doctor on Thursday to find out the infamous 'what's next'....

Until then- 


  1. i'm so glad you were able to do all these things. and i am proud of you for being able to enjoy yourself ...

  2. I got a nice chilled bottle waiting for me. 5 days and counting.