Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Queen Jenn

Ok, so I'm subbing today at a high school. Senior English. I hated that story, so good thing I don't have to teach it. Mercifully, their teacher left the movie for them to watch. I'm being a bad sub and messing on my phone during class, but half the kids are too, so... I justify it!
It got me thinking about a conversation Trav and I had recently. I said good thing we aren't royalty, because I'm having a hell of a time producing an heir... He calmly replied "No, YOU would have to worry". Nice. He reassured me that he didn't need an heir, but I wonder if eventually might go Henry the 8th on my butt!

Nice, someone just got beheaded... I vaguely remember that, isn't that toward the end of the story?!? I suppose I should sign off, and get ready for what's next!


  1. FYI: Henry the 8th's wives in order:
    divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived (but don't ask me their names) and he still didn't end up with a legit heir. Eh, he was a jerk.

  2. They should have beheaded something else instead!