Monday, August 24, 2009

So I'm ok now

I must admit, it sucks there is no baby in my tummy, but really, how many people get pregnant the first time?!? Oh wait, I guess I did, the weekend Trav came home from deployment... so I guess I have already cashed in my 'first try' baby. Oh well. There is always next month. I'm actually surprisingly better then I expected. There hasn't even been tears. Yet. But I'm on Provera, and that always throws my emotions in a blender. I actually don't see this cycle as a complete waist. Actually it helped me feel better because it showed me that my body can react to the drugs. The last two cycles haven't worked out, so the fact that this one did well is defiantly something to be thankful for. So that's my attitude, instead of being sad it didn't work to give us a pregnancy, I'm going to be happy because it worked by showing that my body can respond to the drugs. Now I'd better post this before I change my mind.

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