Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So, after faking myself out on Sunday, the nurse had a good laugh with me today! What can I say, when you want to get pregnant, logic FLYS out the window!!! Well, they wanted me to come in either today or tomorrow, so being the Mrs. Impatient that I am, I went today. They are going to check my progesterone to make sure I really ovulated. I'll get the results back by Friday. Besides me being impatient, I had another good reason, tomorrow I have an appointment to get my hair cut! I know, for most normal people, this wouldn't cause this much joy, but I have a good reason. When we first moved to our last base, there was a hair stylist, who I met by a fluke, and fell in love with. He is affectionately known as Gay Michael... Yes, that's how he is know, because if you say to someone, "Oh I'm going to get highlights done tonight by Michael", the response is "Gay Michael?" Ok, ok, it's a small town, but we all love him! Well, about 2 years ago he moved away... far far away.... to far to justify continuing to see him. However, he made a re-appearance last April for our local Relay for Life event, and was gracious enough to cut 12 inches off my hair for Locks of Love. Since then I've been growing it back out, but lately have been thinking about getting some bangs... however haven't quite been brave enough. Well, since we moved to our new home, he now is at a salon only about 30 min away, which is totally acceptable!! YEA! So tomorrow I'm reunited with my hairstylist and friend. And who knows, maybe I'll come back with bangs! I told Travis that I made an appointment like 3 weeks ago (yes... I have waited 2 years for this, and then he is OUT OF TOWN for two weeks... augh!) and his only question was 'So how much is this going to cost us?" Before I answered I set it up like this: Because he is military, he must keep his hair within regs, so usually that means a hair cut every 2 weeks. Haircut= $11.00, $14.00 w/ tip... So monthly, he spends about $28.00, everyone following? I am horrible about getting my hair cut, in fact my last one was in April, and before that it was in December... so what every 4 months I get a hair cut?!? In that same amount of time, he spends about $110.00 on hair cuts... because of that reason alone, I WILL NOT FEEL GUILTY FOR MY $40.00 HAIRCUT THAT I GET EVERY FOUR MONTHS! I guess tomorrow I will post pictures if I decide to get bangs... because Gay Michael is the ONLY one around here I would trust to do them for me! As for the fake out mentioned privously, I'm on day 6 of my two weeks waiting... this is going to be a long two weeks.

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