Monday, August 24, 2009

Provera drama = Husband of the year

Oh wow... what he has gone through in the last 24 hours. Two, count them TWO total breakdowns, in the last twenty-four hours! Holy cow. I can barley handle it, I don't know how he can deal with it on the receiving end.
Lets just say the Provera has made me a bit of an emotional person. Dr. Z used to prescribe the drug to start my cycle, but he would give me a 5 day prescription, and usually two to three days after I finished the drugs, I would start. However, along with the drugs making my ovulation act different this month, so did the Provera. This time Dr. S gave me a 10 day prescription (!), and I've only been taking it for three days, and I started... ugh! I guess I will be calling Dr. S's office tomorrow to see what to do now?!? Do I get to keep taking these rollarcoaster drugs?
I think that this by far has been my worst reaction to drugs, I'm sure Trav will second that! I have no idea why they were so much worse this time, but I truly feel like I'm out of my mind. And point blank- it sucks.
I think that my husband (and probably any husband that is supporting someone through fertility treatments) should be given some sort of award. I'm not sure what would quite justify exactly how grateful I am, because it would have to be something good. For now, all I can say is I love him more and more, especially because he continues to love me through all everything. Thanks love, you have my heart forever.

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