Monday, August 10, 2009


WHO KNEW!?!?!? Now, I've heard of false negatives, but a false positive!?! UGH... I guess it shows how much I really don't understand my body. I knew that Tuesday I needed to go in for blood work. So far, most of my blood work done at an RE's office is done to see if I'm pregnant, so that's what I assumed it was for. Ummm... no, evidently its to check my progesterone, to see if I actually ovulated (which the nurse said they were 95% positive I did...). So, before I found this out, I figured, hey, lets take a home pregnancy test (HPT) on Sunday (I know, I'm inpatient). Well, it was positive, though we weren't putting much hope on it. While we were at church, I was thinking, I wonder if those drugs could have affected the test. Umm... yep! The HPT's detect if you have HCG in your system... HCG is what is in the 'trigger' shot, to make me ovulate, so surprise- IT'S IN MY SYSTEM! haha... easy to laugh about it now, because I really should have know better, and used logic. So here is the logical brain of me- (googled helped fill in some spots!) Trigger shot was Wednesday, conception would have been Thursday night, what was I thinking that could even begin test THREE DAYS LATER! Oh well, the nurse said that after fourteen days the HCG from the shot would be out of my system, so if there was a positive test then, its baby HCG, not trigger shot HCG... So, the countdown begins- 10 days until I can take another HPT.

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