Friday, August 14, 2009

Progesterone Level

Well, just got off the phone with Dr. S's nurse. They did the blood test on Tuesday, and were calling with the results. My Progesterone Level is 28, so apparently NO QUESTION of if I ovulated... I guess anything over 10 signals it. So now we just continue waiting, until Thursday, but who am I kidding! I am so inpatient, I'll probably do a home test on Tuesday, or Wednesday, or maybe all three days! I did make sure to get the 'economy pack' with three tests! So... to keep my mind off things, I think that I will wash the dogs, which is a half day event (especially when you try to squeeze a Great Dane into a stand up shower!) Actually, it only takes about an hour, but then there is the hair clean up, and the towels to wash, and the nails to trim, and the ears to clean, I'm thinking I better get started. Trav doesn't have long day today, so I think we will go see the new movie "The Goods". Anyway, I think that's what it's called, about the car lot. Looks really funny. I'll give you a review tomorrow.

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