Friday, August 21, 2009


ie- Big Fat Positive... Again- sort of! I hate at home tests! Hate them! I'm going to say it right now... I won't use them again! Ohhh... who am I kidding, I will, but I still hate them. Of course, me being Mrs. Impatient, I took a 'early result' pregnancy test on Wednesday... there was a faint positive line... but faint! So this morning, Travis waited to go to the gym until I woke up and took the test. I had taken my last 'early result' test Wednesday, so I had to use just a regular one. It was negative... like really negative, no faint line, no glimmer of hope. Nothing. but a big minus sign. So what does that mean? I had a hundred things running through my head today... did I implant late, and so the sensitive test picked up low levels of HCG, but they hadn't registered high enough for the normal one? Is that even possible? What do I do now? Do I still have to take that damn Endometrin?!? (I HATE that stuff... worse that the yucky Divigel...) What to do, what to do?

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