Monday, February 28, 2011


I've been trying to set up multipul accounts on my new phone.  I have several gmail accounts, but it would never let me put them all on.  I always got a network data error.  I tried doing it when I was on the 3g network, as well as when I was the wifi at home.  OSubbing today is like babysitting, so for the last hour I've been googling how to fix it.  Lots of people had to do a factory reset, but I knew that ment having to re-do all the customization....  So I continued to look...
Who would have thought youtube was the answer?  I had to create a youtube account with the email I wanted to sync, but then it showed up, in my gmail app and my blogger app... Who knew youtube was the answer... But I still think its dumb!

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  1. That is so weird, and stupid. Glad you got it fixed though!