Tuesday, February 22, 2011


How about I start on that topic. 

It seems to be the easiest.

Trav and I are on the board for an amazing organization.  I'm sure you will all be hearing lots and lots about it over the next few months, but in a nutshell, we are trying to provide shoes to all the kids in our distract that attend a Title I school.  However, these students have to earn them through good behavior.  We want to impact them more then just giving them something.  Like I said, much more involved, but it's an awesome thing.

Well, this awesome thing needs funding to buy the 5,700 (-ish)  shoes.  Enter next round of headaches.  We are doing a 5k.  Travis and I are working in different areas, he more so on the route for the 5k and 10k, he's a runner, so that makes sense.  I'm doing registration.  What.the.hell.was.I.thinking?  I have no idea what I need to do, how it needs to be done, and when it needs to be done by.  It's been a learning curve.  And a headache.  And irritating.

But it's a run, and I am NOT a runner.  Something about 5 knee surgeries has limited my activity over the last 10 years...  Trav asked me a couple of times over the past few years to go running with him, and I laughed, and reminded him it's part of his job description, not mine! 

Well, I've tried to change that, with the couch to 5k program.  I'm two weeks into it, starting the third week today. And running still isn't fun.  I've been told that it will become fun.  That's great, but I'm not there yet.

One of my knee surgeries required about 6 inches of my tibia (about 1inch wide) to be moved over so that my patella would track correctly.  They used 4 screws to hold it in place, and about 2 years later they removed the top three.  There is still one in there. 

I'll give you two guesses what hurts when I run.

Nope, not my knee joint.

My shin.  Where the one screw is left in.  Blah.  I'm referred to an orthopedic surgeon, still waiting on my appointment.  Hopefully it will come soon. 

On another note, when I was coughing up my lung for the past few months (remember?), I was diagnosed with pertussis, which I called the first time I went to the doctors... I went to go see the pulmonologist, and he had me use an inhaler.  He told me I would for sure get better.  Nope, still coughing.  He's such an ass, I hate him.  Direct quote (as I'm coughing in his office...) "So, your much much better then right?"... no, I'm still coughing, "Oh ya, but hardly at all right?"....  no (as I finish up my third round of coughing since he'd been in the room),  unless you call coughing 19 times an hour 'much better' then 20, but I don't.  

I'm on a new inhaler (still coughing), and I have a bronchoscope scheduled on Thursday.  They are going to knock me out, so that's all that matters.  They can do almost anything to me, as long as I'm not awake!  They are going to look for a mucus plug, or to see if I have an irritated air way.  Let's hope they figure something out.  I'm so over this coughing!


  1. I am so sorry you are still so sick! That sucks.

    You've been in my thoughts.

  2. I'm sorry you are STILL coughing! That is ridiculous. I hope the test finds something they can finally work on. Good luck with the running, I would just try to cheerlead or pass out water from the sides. Your deffinetly more of a trooper than I am! I also hope you are able to get it all sorted out and raise the money you need-it sounds like a wonderful program!

  3. I hate running. I've tried and tried and I just hate it.

  4. Isn't that the same as whooping cough? If so, my roommate had it in college. She had it for-ev-er. It just went on and on. I hope that there is actually something that can be done to help you out. I can't imagine trying to run and have that cough at the same time.

  5. You're still coughing??? I would be going crazy! Hope they figure something out during your scope...

  6. Good luck next week :) If you want shoe donations let me know, I'd be glad to help!!