Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little things

We recently all celebrated a very red and pink holiday.  Hope you all had fun, I've seen many posts of what husbands (usually) got you.  Some people love that stuff.

Me?  Not so much.  Never have.  My husband doesn't get it, but obliges.  His reasoning is that I'll always have a valentine (him), so he doesn't understand why I hate the holiday so much... the first year we were married, he got me flowers, and balloons, and chocolate, and I thing something else too.... I could have killed him.  It was sweet, but no, not necessary.  At all.

This year, he got a pack of his favorite chocolates (under $3.00), and I got a card from him (he likes chocolate, I like cards!).  And that was it.

And I was ok with it.  Because I don't need him to go 'all out' on one day.  Three weeks ago, when he brought home a five dollar stem of Lilly's and DUG out my favorite vase from the very back of the cabinet, that was enough.  Or how when we were watching tv last night, and he moved, but re-tucked in my feet with the blanket.  Or last week when I was CRAVING a Big Hunk (candy bar- they are amazing), and my "big hunk" when to the only gas station in town that has them (so far, we're still looking!).

Those are the little things that make me know I'm loved by him.

And that's good enough for me.


  1. I love the lil continual things as well. I do love flowers so my normal for V day is a bunch of tulips and then a (small) bouquet of roses and lilies due to them all having memories for us. Cards mean the most...just like the lil sweet notes he leaves me sometimes ;)

  2. Your mention of Big Hunk has me extremely distracted...


    my mom used to buy them for us and warm them up in them microwave for like 10 seconds. omg. Just long enough to be warm and soft, but not long enough to be melty or messy.

    *going to gas station*

  3. I couldn't agree more. My husband has bought me flowers the last couple of Valentine's Days, but I told him I'd rather him get them for me when he knows I'm having a bad day later on down the road. (Let's see if he actually remembers).

  4. I love it!! I bought chocolate for my husband, but I ate of it!!! Oh..I am so interested in your story with adoption. I have a friend who wants to adopt, so I am very interested.

  5. The everyday little things are what matters the most. We bought furniture for house just before Valentine's day so we didn't exchange anything either, not even cards.