Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Looking back, we haven't had a vacation, a just for us-no family-no military- vacation since our honeymoon, which was six years ago. 

I'm happy to announce, that is going to change.  Soon.  Very soon.

We don't know where we are going.

We don't know when we are going. (Well, really there are only two weeks that I can go because we have 'online meetings' of my class).

I'm thinking some place warm  (not snowy mid Missouri!),  with sand.

And some place that has military bases near by for lodging. 

We started looking at airline tickets last night.

Today, we talked about if we should take his daughter with us.  On one had, it would be a lot of fun to do a family vacation, and as he said "so she doesn't have to wait until she's 22 to see the ocean like I did", however, we would both really love to go by ourselves, and enjoy each other....

I think in the end we've decided that it will be just us, and we plan to enjoy every second!

Any suggestions on where to go?


  1. San Diego! Beautiful beaches and there are bases nearby. :)

  2. Virginia Beach! Lots of nearby bases to choose from. Though, you really need to go more south to get guaranteed warm. And by more south, I mean Florida or Texas.

  3. San Diego is my fav, but Cherry Point in NC is quite pretty and has a base...

  4. Hawaii Hale Koa or Bellows AFB cabins!! San Diego has Coronado Island and the Navy Lodge is right on the beach!!

  5. HAWAII!! We stayed at the Hale Koa (military only lodging) and it was like $80 a night. It was a NICE hotel too.

  6. San Diego! My very favorite! I also stayed at an AFB near Honolulu when I was younger but San Diego is #1.
    Riding bicycle on Coronado Island, go out for a drink and dinner in the Gaslamp Quarter. And maybe there's a nice show in the Civic Theatre :-)

  7. I say San Diego too! We honeymooned there and had a great time.

  8. Allegiant has cheap flights to Clearwater and Orlando (you would have to drive an hour from Orlando to get to the beach). Not sure about AFB but I have the link for Choice and Holiday Inn I could send you!