Saturday, March 19, 2011


Taxes.  What is there to say?  Some people hate them, some people love them, meh- I could go either way depending on what part of the step in doing them we are on.

I do a majority of the record keeping (not just for taxes, I'm a filing WIZ! seriously, it's a talent!), so I'm in charge of getting together all the documents.

Pretty fair deal, because Travis makes most of the money! 

This year, I had been reading around on the adoption tax credit.  I learned that you could now take the credit on failed adoptions, and found the detailed way to do it when filing your return.

I talked to my friend who is a tax professional, and she said yes, indeed, the fees, the postage, the meals, the travel, the flowers, it was all related to that little boy, who was born on December 30th. She said we had every right to say the adoption failed on December 31st, when the birthparents asked us to leave the hospital.

It wasn't easy, I spent several hours on the phone with our tax software (H.&.R Block- online).  It's free for military at  So, it's what we use.  They told me how to get around their 'glitch', and I was reassured that it would work, and there were already several comments that had been escalated about the 'glitch' in dealing with failed adoptions (you had to enter a SSN, but with a failed match, you never get one- you have to put in 123-45-6789, and then white it out when you print it out.)

But- I got it done.  We sent it off, and wondered, if it was really true.  Would we really be able to use the credit for our failed match. 

It was true.  We got all the money we spent, which was more then we realized when we added it all up. 

A huge blessing, in the midst of heartache, there was a blessing that will help us fund our next adoption. 


  1. That's really interesting. I'm so sorry that you had to find this out by going through a failed adoption, but I'm glad that the credit is out there. I hope you get another match soon, and that it works out next time.

  2. I thought that with adoption expenses you take the credit in the year AFTER the expense was made. So expenses incurred in 2010 would be filed on your 2011 taxes (meaning you get the refund when you file in 2012). Is that not how it works?

  3. What a wonderful blessing. I'm so sorry for what happened to you, but to have that money back to fund your next adoption is so wonderful.

    Can't wait to see what 2011 holds for you guys!

  4. I'm glad the credit covers your family. And I'm happy you can use the money for the next adoption.

  5. I'm glad you will get your money back. I know you'd rather have the baby but now at least you will have the funds to move forward. Bitter sweet indeed, but a blessing nonetheless.

  6. I hope the money brings you the best little baby in the world next time around!

  7. I hate your didn't get to take the baby home, but how wonderful you have that money back, all of it, to move forward and use it towards bring yours home :) I hope this adoption credit doesn't go away!

  8. I am our tax accountant as well and give you HUGE kudos for figuring that all out. It's so nice that it's coming back to you guys for your future baby.

    I have a good friend who just adopted from an agency in Kansas b/c the birth mom only has 48 hours to change her mind there and then it's legally binding. I think I have the name of the agency if you're interested. Regardless, I think your baby is on his/her way, too!

  9. I know the money will never replace the little boy that you loved, I'm glad it will help you bring home a little boy or little girl into your family in the future.