Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, I'm taking another grad class.  It's once a week (Monday- those classes are the worst!).  The nice thing about Grad school is no midterms, no finals.  The bad thing about no tests, is that your grade is all based on one or two projects. 

One of them is a literacy project, and I am going back to a 4th grade class that I know very well.  At the beginning of this school year, I was a long term sub for a 4th grade class.  There was another 4th grade class in our building, and we did a lot of lesson planning together.  She and I became pretty good friends, and is letting me do my 'project' on her kids.  Because of the end of the year test prep, everything else has been squished... so my 2 day lesson has been stretched over the week.

Serioulsy, they crack me up.  One of our words was 'demonstration'.  They came up with a definition that was along the lines of showing someone how to do something when in our context was for protest.  What normally happens is they write the definition in their reading logs, and draw a mental picture.  Then as we are reading the story out loud, when we find a vocab word, we re-read the sentence, but instead of reading the vocab word, we insert the definition.

When we got to 'demonstration' in the book, someone wanted me to read the sentence with 'showing someone how to do something' instead of the other one...

It's like the literacy god's were against me, it worked perfectly in that sentence... they all kinda giggled, because they knew I had been had. 

Smart little shits.

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