Tuesday, March 8, 2011


How do you determine priorities?  I know for me, it is sometimes whatever is the most pressing.

Assignment due tomorrow, it's at the top of the list.
Dogs need more food, better get it after work.
New garden idea- google it for hours and come up with a plan.

Recently, I've made an extra effort to make my marriage a priority. It seemed that so often, we would float around in our house, and I was aware Trav was in the next room, but that was it.  Or, very often, when I got upset (which most of the time was me taking something he said the wrong way), I would pout.   And let me tell you, I could pout for hours.  Even if he apologized, and explained what he really meant, it didn't matter.  I pouted. 

I guess I've just realized how busy we've become.  We both are taking college classes, training for a 5k and 10k (at different times of the day), we work, we volunteer.  The hours that we are home together have gotten more and more slim. 

So, instead of pouting, and waisting 3 hours that I'm with him being upset, I've tried to 'get over it' faster, so I can enjoy being with him. 

I cherish our tv dates (tosh.o, The Office, and Southland).

And even though he snores, loving that he pulls me close and holds me as we fall asleep.

We have become my priority, and I really love that.

But I guess when also talking about priorities, I question what other's are.  It makes me wonder about why they made that choice.  Why did they buy that car? or house? Why did they quit that job?  Why did they wait so long to call?  Why did they move?  Why did they write that post?

And some things, I just don't understand. 


  1. Priorities can be very different for each individual. My priorities and my husband's are not usually the same and it can be frustrating to say the least. But good for you for noticing something that you can do better to make your marriage more of a priority. I think more people (myself included) could learn a lesson (or 8) from you. :-)

  2. Your marriage, what a good thing to put first once in a while. I think it is something that we do take advantage of. I'm glad you're spending some time thinking about it, I think we all should.