Friday, March 4, 2011


Ok, that's not the exact phrase I've said every time I move for the last four hours, but close...

I should have known better.

It's not like I'm new at this...

But holy shit! This hurts!

Back story- our city has a 'daily deal' that usually is 50% off some good or service that is locally.  Well, on Tuesday, it was for a tanning station.

Ya... you can see where this is going...

I've tanned since I was 16 (my Mom had to go sign the release), so I know how it goes.

But I haven't for the last two years- and apparently forgot everything.

It was a cheep deal, $15.00 for an unlimited month of tanning.  Of course though, it was the level one beds, nothing fancy... whatever, I just want to get my 'base tan', so I'm more ready for the summer... and it helps hide my hideous scars all over my left knee (5 knee surgerys...). 

So, Wednesday, 10 minuets.  Totally ok.  Thursday 12 minuets.  Totally ok.  Friday 12 minuets. Owiecrapballs!

So yes, I'm dumb, I'm in pain, and I'm drinking wine.

(by the way... the girl today, seriously, was doing the 'hard sale' for getting me to join for 3 more months, and then buying lotion.  I get that it's her job, but when I have to say "look, I really just want to tan, thanks though", your pushing to hard!)

And I'm laying next to my sick husband, and enjoying the second hour of Daniel Tosh... Tosh.0, and now his comedy central special.  Totally inappropriate, but we laugh.  I like his show so much better now that he doesn't do the throwing up on each one... that was just gross.

So, today, in a word, is sun-burnt!


  1. that's what you get for tanning MISSY:) jk Hope you heal soon! PS We love Tosh.0 He is HILARIOUS!

  2. Wine is excellent for helping with (forgetting about) the pain of sun-burn.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. haha. I've been there.
    My base tan always ends up Lobster Red.

  4. I love tanning! I love the special lotions too! I hope that your burn gets a bit better. Hopefully your burn will end up tan :)

  5. I'm in pain today, too. I got a massage and am so sore. I,too, am coping with wine! So much for pampering ourselves!

  6. Wine always helps with pain :)