Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today, where I'm subbing, it's nice.  Kinda boring, but I can take a day like this.  Students who have 3-10 day suspension have the opportunity to come to this program, get work from their home schools, and receive credit for it.  If they don't come here, then they won't get any credit. 

So it's like babysitting.  Very similar to ISS.

I have two students. 

So I've been purging my email.  I had over 2900 messages in one account, (and another 1500 in my 'sent' box.  Apparently, when I had my Black.berry when I worked for my parents, all the emails I sent off of that stayed in the sent folder... and, 80% of them were from the summer Travis was deployed.  We treated e-mail like instant messaging... It was kinda fun reading them, remembering conversations, and the messages that would count down how many days until he came home....)
My other account had only about 900, but I use it specifically for an event I'm part of, so the traffic through that one was much less.

Too bad I can't do more purging in other areas of my life...

Today, in a word, purging.


  1. I love that you went back through and read Travis' emails! How sweet!

  2. I hope you feel thoroughally purged and refreshed.

  3. I. eed to do the same thing but haven't had the time. Feels good though, doesn't it?

  4. Isn't is so theraputic?! There's nothing I love more than deleting emails! Hope you enjoyed it!