Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break

There is something terribly wrong when the last two days of my spring break has high temperatures of 36*. 


Luckily, I got some good outdoor projects done before the cold weather came in.

I helped my friend
     build her two 4x8 foot raised beds.
     fix her back steps (one board broke through, and the others were rotting).
     put a cat door in her laundry room door (keeps the kids out, but the cats can go in to the litter box!)
A friend from church brought over a 10ft ladder one day on his way home from work, and as he and Trav shot the breeze, I was able to edge our office.  It has high ceilings, and I never was able to 'really' cut it in when I painted it last summer... It's amazing how an hour worth of edging makes SUCH a big difference! 

My step daughters birthday is coming up, and as part of her present, we are getting her a new bike.  She has outgrown the one she has, but loves to bike.  Trav and her went walking on a nice path, and they would love to bike... me... not so much.  I haven't ridden a bike in over 15 years, and whoever says that once you learn, you don't forget is full of c-r-a-p!  I rode up and down the isles of the store, and was VERY shaky.  I found two bikes I like, both of them are 'comfort' ones, they shift gears and have the hand breaks, but have the wider seat of a cruiser.  Of course the one that I liked better was $70.00 more... so needless to say, since I'm not completely overjoyed at getting a bike and having to actually bike, I got the cheaper one.

That said... if we were going to get three new bikes, we needed some space in the garage!  I spent almost a whole day cleaning, re-organizing, moving stuff inside, shifting stuff up to the attic, vacuuming, bug spraying, and more!

I was supposed to 'finish' some projects, but I'm not sure that I did... I started sanding the dresser I had bought in December for the little boy, but beyond sanding it down, there isn't much more I can do, because I don't know if it will be going into our son's or daughter's room.   (side-note: story on the dresser- I have gained a fine affection for wood, either boards that I can build, or furniture that I can refinish.  I was looking on craigslist (I have a love/hate relationship with that site!) and found a 6 drawer dresser that looked good.  I showed it to Trav, and told him if it wasn't sold in the morning when I called, I was going to buy it.  I'm not sure he completely believed me... but by 10am, I was $25.00 lighter, and it was in our garage!  It was a SOLID maple, dove tailed, dresser... for $25.00!  Are you kidding me!  It needed to be refinished, which was fine, because that's what I wanted to do anyway).


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  1. We lucked into a whole bunch of solid pine wood furniture in a similar way. Now we have more than will fit in our house (the garage is lined with it so no bikes for us).

    It feels good to get such a bargain on something you would have paid significantly more for.