Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pull your weight!

So yesterday we had ANOTHER follicle study ultrasound.  I just want to add a microphone to the little wand, and when Dave, our awesome ultrasound tech gets near each ovary, yell "Why don't you start pulling your weight!" .  They made the mistake of behaving the first cycle... and now nothing!

Well,  I guess a little something.  After five days of Femera, and two FSH shots, I now have a dominate follie on both sides, one is about 14mm, and the other is about 11mm.  Dr. S is having us do 3 days of shots back to back, and then I go in for another ultrasound on Monday.

My friend who usually gives me the shots couldn't last night... so Trav was forced to help.  I wasn't sure if he would even be able to do it.  Well, once again, my amazing husband surprised me (and most of his family) by being able to give me the shot.  We were in a rush, because we were supposed to go meet his parents for dinner an hour and a half away, as a surprise for his Dad's birthday.  He was worried about it not going in, and I told him to put it in like throwing a dart.  I was just watching his face, and not the needle, and I was thinking "Dang, this is hurting a little more then when Erika does it..."  So I looked down, and what did I see?  The needle was all the way in (and it's like a 2 inch needle..) to the point where there is a little pucker where the syringe is pushing in on my skin.  AUGH!!! At least I remembered to stay calm, and said, "Honey, I think the needle is in a little to far, maybe back it out a little." 

He did, and everything worked fine in the end.  Now he knows that he has to pay attention to the needle depth, as well as making sure the syringe empties.  I was VERY proud of him, and grateful that he was able to do it, because we would have been up a creek without a paddle.

He's working this weekend at a bull riding event, and got us some free tickets! YEAH!  He's SOO not into rodeo/cowboys/country music; however, I love it, so I'm excited!

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