Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear God

Jess over at Waiting on baby Paramore has written a few letters to God on her blog within the past week or so...
I was truly amazed at how much our prayers were similar!

It made me start to think I wanted to do a post like this (imitation is the highest form of flattery right !) so this is what my current prayer has been.

Dear God,
Please help me to not stress out these next to weeks as we wait to find out if this is the month that you will make our family grow.  And if this isn't the month, please wrap your loving arms around me, because I'm going to need it.  And give me the encouragement to continue the treatment if this is the path you want us to take.

In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ-

Ok, so it's not a 'formal' prayer like my Dad always says, but it's my prayer... that I repeat (almost word for word) several times a day. 

I guess it's worked so far, because I have not been the ball of nerves that I was last cycle... maybe that's because I'm just to busy planning my trip home on Thursday for a long weekend.... what am I saying, it's not a long weekend, its going to be almost a whole week! Yippe!


  1. I love it! It is beautiful...and would be a prayer that I would say!


  2. I came back to read your prayer-that is how much I love it!

    AND have fun going home! Take lots of pics and post them for me!

    babyparamore.blogspot.com AKA stalker :)

  3. Hey Lady --

    Sending good thoughts your way.

    I left an award for you at The Crazy Baby Mama