Saturday, September 12, 2009


I guess by now I should know that there is no logic when it comes to infertility.... perfect example, my last two cycles. First cycle, 100mg Clomid, perfect DF, trigger shot, the big O, though no pregnancy... you would think it would work again that way! HA! Noooo, it won't. This cycle, 100mg Clomid-nothing, 150mg Clomid-nothing (well, I say nothing, there are two dominate follicles, 10mm and 10.5, so still not big enough). Where does that leave us? Because now I'm at day 19... even Dave, the ultrasound guy though he counted wrong, "Day 19... why am I still seeing you?!" He is truly great, and I appreciate his humor! Dr. S is going to try me on FSH injectables combined with Femera. Shots. I am going to try to do them myself, but if I can't, I have an awesome friend that is a nurse, and she said she would be happy to! She's done the whole infertility thing too, so she understands. On any given day, if you ask me how I like being an Air Force wife, I will be happy to tell you how much I don't like it. However, with the recent fertility treatments, and with each new prescription, a part of my distaste is chipped away. Now realize, taking rocks off of Mount Everest will take a while, but eventually you could move the whole mountain. Dr. S is having me do the FSH on day 2 and 4 of the five day Femera regimen. He told me that I could pay his nurse at the front the $100.00, for the two shots. OMG! I asked him if he could write a prescription for it, or if it was a type of drug that only doctors could get. He looked at me and said "It's going to cost the same if you get it from me or from Walgreens...." Well, Dr. S, maybe with most of your patients, but we are lucky (read: committed to this crappy life for the next ten years), and have TriCare insurance, and the most it will cost me is $9.00. Not per vile, for a 30 day supply! On Monday, I will be picking up $1500.00 worth of medicine, and it will cost me $9.00!!! YEAH! Well, I also have to buy the syringes, and that's going to be another nine... but still, I can't complain. I'll let you know how it feels to have that much money in my purse! Heaven knows that there won't be many other times that I have that much in it!

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