Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Relax...

Don't you freaking hate it when people say that! I.Hate.It. However, I tried to take advice, and not obsess over this month's cycle. Now that I know that my body can actually respond in the correct way, I am trying to 'take it easy' on the obsessing. In fact, I had pushed all the infertility crap so far to the back of my brain, on Sunday I forgot to take my Clomid. Oops... maybe I pushed it to far back. I took it first thing Monday morning when I remembered, and then my normal dose that night right before bed... hopefully that will get everything still where it needs to be, when it needs to be. So for the rest of this month... I'm "relaxing", but not to much! Scan on Thursday to see if my follies grew (even with the missed, and then 'caught up' dose of Clomid). I guess we will see in a few days.

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