Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I just have to laugh

So, after another follicle study, we're STILL not there.  Though, there was some improvement, about 1mm a day, which puts us just over 11mm and 14mm.  I have three more days of the FSH shot, and go back on Thursday.

Have I said lately how much I'm NOT a fan of getting shots in my stomach... Ya- I don't love it! 

Last night in bed, I was whining (yes, at 26 I still whine, and occasionally pout) about how sucky this has turned into.  I told Trav that his part of the baby making is easy.  It doesn't hurt him to make his little swimmers, he can't even tell its happening, and the actual 'baby making', that doesn't suck.

As for me, I get to take upwards of 6 pills a day, shots in my stomach, an ultrasound wand shoved up my whoo-ha every week, tender areas because of everything growing, and then, if it didn't work, cramps that start us all over again! 

He then calmly asked..."Can I say something that is supposed to be funny, and in no way is meant to hurt your feelings".  I felt like I could hack it so this was his response to me complaining how he had it so easy:

"Yes honey, but it's not so easy for me, because I have to here you complain about this EVERY DAY!" 

Nice hunh!  I love that this is the humor that these hormones have forced... or at least the preface to his humor that he has to use, because now-a-days, he never can tell how I'll react to something.

Last night I reacted by telling him how much I did appreciate him for dealing with me, and that he truly is an amazing husband.  And then I cuddled up close to him.... until I had my next hot flash and had to go cool off.


  1. HAHAHA...my husband and I had a conversation like that! He said that the reason woman go through child birth and infertility is because we would not be able to handle the amount of whining and complaining that goes with it. He says it takes a man to handle all of that, shit, they think they have it bad? I'd take whining over nasty shots and crazy clomid anyday! I've been a crying, emotional mess this cycle!


  2. I'm so sorry for your losses. I saw you wrote that on my last two posts and it makes me so sad because I know how much hurt goes along with each loss. Not only have you lost your baby but you lost the hope of what the baby will become and how your lives will change forever. I'm praying we both get BFP and I will send you a private note if that happens becuase I'll need support as I would do the same for you! :)