Thursday, September 10, 2009

The night before

So tomorrow is our follow up appointment to see if the second round of Clomid that I took this cycle, did anything. I have a feeling it didn't but I'm trying to stay positive...or as positive as I can. By this time last month, I was achy (hello, my ovaries were like 4 times their normal size!), so much so that I couldn't lay on my stomach. Not so much now... So, I guess that my questions for the RE tomorrow are: Now what? Is this cycle blown, or do we do a 3rd 'stair step' at 200mg? With injections? If it is blown, what is the plan of action for next month? Did the 'double Clomid' this cycle, count as 2 rounds toward my six.... wait, as a doctor, do you even limit me to 6 rounds before I have to 'rest a cycle'? If you do, can we stretch it a few extra cycles.... just to get us through February. Travis will be gone February through April, so can we make that my 'break'? Having PCOS, how long do we try this? We only want to do IUI a few times, and will stop there. No IVF for me. If it gets to that point, instead of spending the money on the IVF, we'll just put it toward adoption. Same emotional rollercoster, but at least it's not from all the hormones! I think that's most of my questions... I'm sure I'll think up more. I need to now print off this post to put in my 'notebook'. The ultrasound tech always laughs, because I bring this notebook in every time, record my numbers, write my questions, and the answers... write down the directions for any new drugs I'm taking. Fun Stuff!

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