Thursday, July 1, 2010


I can honestly say, I didn't always love my brother.  Heck, sometimes I even hated him.... we were siblings, and 7 years apart, so there were some different issues we had to overcome...

However, now that we are both grown, we have so much fun together... in fact, my husband went to bed almost two hours ago, and my parents left over an hour ago...

here is some of our conversation so far

"did you know that frogs have the best life ever.... all they do is sit and hop"

"good thing Mom's not here, your not sharing the blogger... or the frogger... does the blog hop?"

"I know how we can pick colors for your wall, spin this highlighter, and whatever wall the color points to that's the color we'll paint it!"

(side note, this is the same brother that gave me grief because he thought my e-mail address was two long... it is firstname_lastname (at) he thought it was firstnameunderscorelastname (at) ya, he's a smart one)

(ok-now it's his turn to blogger... that hops)


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