Monday, July 26, 2010

quick post

My husband says he's feeling neglected... it's true... in the last month (since July 1st), this is literally the THIRD night we have been alone, no step daughter, no guests, no in-laws... don't get me wrong, I LOVED having everyone here to visit, but holy cow- I'm ready for some us time!

(side note- in one week I had 5 DIFFERENT people sleeping in our guest bedroom- I've never washed so many sheets and towels

Sooo- anyway, back to the reason of my post:

Tonight we sucked it up and finished the adoption packet.

It's done.

Like totally done.

Well, I still have to get one thing notarized, but that's like minor, so I count it as done.

Oh, and I have to find a bigger envelope, because this one has our 'picture essay' included in it, and that makes it bigger then the normal 'big orange envelope' size.  And I think I have one in the bottom of a drawer in the filling cabinet.

But really, beside those two things (which are minor...) I think I'm close enough to call it done.



WHOOHOOO (which has become my favorite phrases- facebook, blog, comments, even text messages... everything!)!

So um, I don't really know what comes next.  I mail it off (obviously- after I find an envelope and kidnap a notary) and then I guess just wait.  I think they said this review could take 4-6 weeks.... but um they said the last one would take 2-4 weeks and it took two days.  (psstt- adoption agency- my birthday is August 6th, and answer by then would be swell!).

I guess I'll be waiting to see what happens next! 


  1. Yay, it's done, it's done! Good job!

  2. That's great you finished it! I'll be thinking about you!

  3. Congrats on finishing your paperwork... I remember that feeling of accomplishment. Next will be the home study process which is where we are now.... and let me tell you it's a easy flowing process if you get a SW. Good luck on your process. :)J

  4. Woohoo indeed! That is fantastic news!!!

  5. Good job! I'm amazed at how much you've accomplished already.

  6. I just reread my comment and I meant to put a GOOD SW lol Sorry :) J